Pricing and Costing

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Prices for each services are different. We only have standard packages for Virtual Assistant service. For other services or more info please EMAIL US at [email protected] or REQUEST A QUOTE HERE.

Mode of Payment

We accept payment via PayPal, NetBanking, On line Transfers. You do not need a PayPal account to pay an invoice.

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Value of an hour

Some people are hesitant to consider hiring a virtual assistant because they do not think they can afford it. But remember, when you hire that permanent assistant for your office staff, there will be a learning curve before the person gets up to speed (wasted hours) and probably a lack of experience (more wasted hours). And what about the days s/he calls in sick? Or takes vacation leave? If you are doing all the work yourself then you have a million little interruptions that waste your precious time (phone calls, employee questions, learning to use the software, etc). If it takes you 3 or 4 hours to complete a task, I can most likely complete it in far less time! Below are some sample tasks that you can think of .

1. Finding best travel tickets and vacations.
2. Day-by-day travel itiniary/ Hotel arrangements/Car booking and recommended places for outing/ Dinner.
3. Do follow-up research on a client, prospect, applicant, or competitor.
4. Research possible vendors of a service or product you seek.
5. Building web-sites/ Emailers/ Emailing lists/ Marketing materials.
6. Calling 25-30 clients for a specific project
7. Data Analytics/ representing the same in Graphs.
8. Scheduling appointments for a minimum of 20 clients.
9. Working on a Blog -posts. Researching on photos and content.
10. Updating your websites/ Facebook pages.
11. Replying to Business calls/ queries.
12. Data Entry kind of works / Power Point presentation/ Project research.
13. Submit a press release PR agencies/ Websites.
14. Managing you inbox/ Delete spam accumulated in your e-mail overnight, and sort, answer, or redirect remaining messages
15. Managing your monthly payments /scheduling payments.
16. Create and/or analyze and update Google Adwords campaigns
17. Select and schedule greeting/ wishes on speacial occasions15 individual handwritten greeting cards for delivery, each with a personal message
18. Order a shopping list for home or office delivery
19. Generate a proposal of vendors, entertainers and venues for approval
20. And Many more..

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